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If you are looking for the top modeling, acting and talent agency that Nashville, Memphis and Jackson TN has to offer, your search is over.

Here at Triumph Modeling, we provide a variety of services such as modeling, acting and talent agency services to inspiring models, actors and actresses. We have experienced great success with our clients, and they can contest that we are tried, tested and true, especially when it comes to delivering results.

For those of you with already existing experience in the industry, we can help pave the way towards bringing you success in your endeavors. We believe in matching your talents with representation that counts and delivers results.

Have you ever dreamed of modeling or acting but you have no experience in the industry? No problem! Our business is different from other modeling agencies because we have an academy to teach you, even if you have no experience. Our academy focuses on a 20 class format, where we walk you through all the key elements of helping you launch your career. 

With all of our clients we strongly believe that having the right tools in your kit, will not only help you to understand the intricacies with our industry but help you to focus on the important items that will make a difference in you landing the role, modeling gig or talent that you are waiting to share with the world.

The name of our academy is ViTal. We believe it is vital that all of our talent is trained properly prior to seeking out work through Triumph Modeling, Acting and Talent Agency.

Whether you are seeking a modeling agency, talent management or you would like to become a model, we are here to help you realize your dreams!

Helping those young
and older find a career in modeling, acting & talent. 

ViTal Classes 
available for modeling and acting training.
Dawn Williamson, 
President/CEO of Triumph
(Mrs. Tennessee 2016 and 
Teaches All Modeling Classes)
JACKSON  TN  38305